The Silver Epoch is a book and also a poem. This hybrid book-poem-object builds a fictional world set on a far future fantastical Earth. It includes both micro essays, poetic prose, and verse. The Silver Epoch considers the collapse of the reader and the writer, a future timeline and our present timeline, the academic and the poetic, a spider and a savior. The heroine of the story, who remains unnamed, travels across shale mountainsides, through electric non spaces and into salty sea coves, in order to find the twelve tsunami stones which will save the world from being engulfed by the witch's sea. Heroine or Spider Wraith? Reader or Writer? You or I? Blue Heron or Moonhorse? I am only the Witch. Through its creation and circulation, this book is intended to be read, held, and exchanged — made to live in the interstitial. click here for an essay written on The Silver Epoch (cool images included) wanna read the whole thing? shoot me an email --